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 In 1933 there was a trade 

 agreement  from   

 Radiomarelli and RCA. 
















In 80’s I began my radio collection and Radiomarelli was the first argument that I was interested in.

Radiomarelli was founded in 1929 from the Magneti Marelli company.

Between 1920 and 1930 there was a linkage from this Italian company and the  American Bosch about the manufacturing of magnets and electrical parts for motor vehicles.

On 11.19.1930, the Magneti Marelli decided to start the radio production and the new company was named Radiomarelli.

The Radiomarelli project manager was Mr. B.A.Quintavalle and the first radio models, made in Italy, were inspired to the American Bosch models.

At that time, Radiomarelli and American Bosch were business partners.

The diagrams and the chassis of the first Radiomarelli models were similar to the ones of American Bosch models, the wood cabinets were a bit different.

The “Musagete” model has the same chassis of the A. Bosch mod. 48 and the wood cabinet was made in Italy but is very similar to the American model.

The “Coribante” model is the Italian version of the A. Bosch mod. 5.

The “Scrigno” model was the Italian version of the Bosch 200A & 200B models.

The chassis of the “Alauda” is very similar to the one of Bosch 402.

From 1935 onwards Radiomarelli decided to create a more independent production.



              Radiomarelli     IL MUSAGETE        


              Radiomarelli     IL MUSAGETE II                   


              Radiomarelli         CHILIOFONO I°   

              Radiomarelli         CHILIOFONO III    


        Radiomarelli         TIPO 5                  



        Radiomarelli       CORIBANTE           


        Radiomarelli       Filomele              


             Radiomarelli      MUSAGETE junior  


        Radiomarelli          CALIPSO                         


               Radiomarelli         CALIPSO II                     


                Radiomarelli        DAMAYANTE                


               Radiomarelli            KASTALIA                   


               Radiomarelli           ARGIRITA                           



        Radiomarelli       Scrigno                 


             Radiomarelli              AEDO                  



              Radiomarelli              ALAUDA              



        Radiomarelli              TIRTEO               



        Radiomarelli       SULAMITE           



              Radiomarelli            VERTUMNO          



              Radiomarelli            VERTUMNO II°     



        Radiomarelli    FONOVERTUMNO  



              Radiomarelli             TAMIRI                 



              Radiomarelli             FALTUSA             



              Radiomarelli       FALTUSA  LUSSO  



        Radiomarelli       TAMIRI  LUSSO      



        Radiomarelli                  ARIONE             


        Radiomarelli             NEPENTE            

              Radiomarelli             TAUMANTE                                                     

              Radiomarelli             Radio Balilla          


         Radiomarelli           radioRoma                 




















Magneti Marelli 

Sesto (Milan) 1930



Ercole Marelli



Bruno Antonio Quintavalle



Old advertising



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