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American Bosch radio






               American  Bosch  Radio

Robert Bosch, was born in 1861 in Germany (1861/1942) and made his first  Workshop for precision and electric engineering” in 1886 in Stuttgart.

His first own factory was opened in 1901 in Stuttgart for the production of Magnets and electrical parts for motor vehicles.

In 1906 Robert opened a subsidiary in New York (USA) which was named “Robert Bosch New York Inc.” Subsequently the company was renamed into Bosch Magneto Company.

In 1911, in Springfield (Massachusetts), Robert Bosch founded a big factory that was named Bosch Magneto Corporation.

This factory produced magnets ignition and parts for the emerging automobile and truck industry.

In 1920 the company had 3000 workers employed and turned out 50 percent of all the electrical starter parts required by the U.S.A vehicle industry.

In 1925 the company began to produce radios under the following names : American Bosch, Amborola and Bosch Cruiser.

In 1930 the factory States became, for merger with Robert Bosch Magneto Company Inc (New York), United American Bosch Corporation.

At that time the radio products was named American Bosch Radio.

Between 1920 and 1930 there was a linkage from the Italian Magneti Marelli and the Bosch about the manufacturing of magnets and electrical parts for vehicles.

In 1930, when the Italian Radiomarelli was born, the radio models were similar at the American Bosch Radio models and the two companies was busyness partners.

The Radiomarelli mod. Musagete is like the American Bosch 48 model.

The “Coribante” idea  was born from the Bosch 5 model.

The “Scrigno” was inspired at the Bosch 200A model.




          mod. 48                                  


      mod. unknown (???)             


          mod. 5                                    


          mod. 5A                                  


          mod. 205A                              


      mod. 210                                   


      mod. 144A                                               



      mod. 200A                                



          mod. 200B                                     



          mod. 200C                                                       



          mod. 201A                                                       


           mod. 402                                  

       mod. 501                                  

            mod. 36A                                 

            mod. 236A                               













Robert Bosch


First workshop

Stoccarda (1886)


First factory 

Stoccarda (1901)



Bosch Magneto Company

New York (1906)



Bosch Magneto Corporation Springfield Massachusetts

Bosch Magneto Corporation Springfield Massachusetts