American Bosch 200B

American Bosch

 200 B

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American Bosch Radio







Frequency range

Medium Waves


51 ; 51 ; 24 ; 47 ; 80

Power supply

110 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

37,5 cm wide; 23,3 cm tall; 22,3 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

40,5 cm wide; 24,5 cm tall; 23,5 cm deep.


Kg. 10


Ití s a beautiful treasure chest with the radio inside that switch on when you open the cover.

This set has the standard broadcast band only and works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits.

The little brass button that you see on the control panel is used to remove the sound without switching off the radio.

Pulling up this button you cut off the signal from the low frequency unit, all the tubes remains lighted up and the radio is in stand-by condition.

To reactivate the volume you have just to push the button and the sound back immediately.


In this radio were originally used the famous Eveready Raytheon tubes:

ER551 - ER551 - ER224 - ER247 - ER280.