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        Here is some link to other interesting web sites which dial  

     with radios, tubes, radio diagrams and other.


      Very interesting International web site with all brand radios and tubes 



     Italian web site whith many topics and many old radios




     Very interesting web site with many information and all the American radio diagrams




 MosŤ library, with many information on antique radios and Books



     All the Hungarian radios, Hungarian radio brands and many other radios!

     First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation





           Carlo Bramanti's web site with many 1920s radios



     From Latvia, a large collection of Sovietic transistor and tube radios 



    Interesting radio collector's American web site, with many link to other old radio websites




  Here you can see the history and a lot of pictures about the old TV




  Very interestng web site with many avilables parts importants to restore old radios,

  here I found a reproduced dial for my Philco 89 catherdal radio !




 Maurizio Della Bianca's  web site, he lives in Genova (Italy) and has a repair workshop




          Very interesting U.S.A. web site with  Michael Feldt's antique radio collection !






               The Romanian Collectors web site:





  Source of reproduction grille cloth for antique radios from 1920 thru 1940




    Italian web site with many pictures and collections of Italian radios






  Very interesting Italian web site with many pictures and many old Italian radio diagrams 



  For the history of Electricity (by click on the bunner "Museo Elettrico Virtuale")




 Slovakian web site with information about TESLA and many other est-European radios.

 You can see also an interesting old European tubes cross reference guide about: 

 Philips, Sator, Valvo, Tungsram, Triotron and Telefunken. 




 an interesting Hungarian web site with many Hungarian radios.
















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