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                                                            Various  radios

   My passion for old radios brought me to appreciate the receiver equipments of different  

   nations, brands and models.
   In these pages I want to publish pictures of several radios not belonging to a specific  

   brand, or following a particular matter, but simply introducing the ones I met during my 

   collection and especially the ones I like.




      ATWATER KENT mod. 20 (big case)           



      FADA mod. 192A con tromba ROLA              




     PHILIPS mod. 830AS                                            



     PHILIPS mod. 2634                                               


     RCA Radiola 60 with RCA 103  speaker       


     RCA Superette R-7A                                                


     SAFAR mod. Piccolo Amico                                 


      STANDARD Standardyne with RCA UZ-1325 speaker         


      ATWATER KENT mod. 155 (1st series)                        

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