Atwater Kent mod. 155

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Atwater Kent Radio


155 ( 1st series)

Serial number 7084380





Frequency range

Medium Waves, Short Waves (2400 - 2500 KHz)


77 ; 44 ; 75 ; 43 ; 25Z5

Intermediate frequency

262 KHz

Power supply

110 V. c.a./ c.c.

Measure of the case

26,7 cm wide;  19 cm tall; 13,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

26,7 cm wide;  19,5 cm tall; 14,5 cm deep.


Kg. 3,5


This small radio is a five tube superetherodyne .  

A. Kent 155 hasn't any power supply transformer, filaments of the valves are connected in series and it can work with D.C. power supply also.    

155 was manufactured in two editions, this one is a first type.

All sets which has series number less of  7086900  comes out of first manufacturing, at the first time was used 85 tube as detedtor/ L.F. pre-amplifier, than, like in this one, 85 was replaced with 75 type.

Above 7086901 series number manufacturing is classified as 2nd type.