American Bosch 5A
American Bosch 5 A
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American Bosch Radio






1930 / 31

Frequency range

Medium Waves


51 ; 51 ; 24 ; 47 ; 80

Power supply

110 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

36,5 cm wide;  22,5 cm tall; 17,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

36,5 cm wide;  23,5 cm tall; 19 cm deep.


Kg. 8


Bosch 5A is very similar to the 5 model and was manufactured when the Italian Radiomarelli and American Bosch were business partners.

At that time the Italian company started  the Coribante production on the base of this radio.

The wood cabinet is most simple and sober than the Italian version, but just look at the chassis to understand that (apart the transformer) the two radios are very similar.

This set has the standard broadcast band only and works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits.


In this set were originally used the famous Eveready Raytheon tubes:

ER551 - ER551 - ER224 - ER247 - ER280.