American Bosch unknown model

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American Bosch Radio






1930 ?

Frequency range

Medium Waves


51 ; 51 ; 24 ; 47 ; 80

Power supply

110 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

41,3 cm wide; 24 cm tall; 17,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

42,5 cm wide; 24 cm tall; 19 cm deep.


Kg. 8

Many years ago I found this radio which I donít know the model, it has the same chassis of the American Bosch mod. 5 but the wood case is different.

I didnít find any information about it, the American Bosch inscription  does not appear in any part of the radio, but simply looking at the chassis you can see very well that was made by the famous American company.

This set has the standard broadcast band only and works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits.

When I found it seemed to be in original conditions and in the chassis there were the Eveready Raytheon tubes: ER551 - ER551 - ER224 - ER247 - ER280 .