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One of my hobby, in 1980s, was the reproduction of the old radio knobs.

At that time, usually, I found radios which were missing knobs, it was a problem so I decided to try  reproduce them.

Has been an hard job but finally I reproduced a lot of knob models.

I used an epoxy resin and the nucleus was iron made, to obtain a good working of the screw.

The epoxy resin was black, so to reproduce the brown knobs was necessary to paint them.

I manufactured knobs for many radio models but, since 1990, I dont work anymore on them.

Now Im selling the last sets. 

I made a lot of radio knobs for Telefunken 40W radio, Nora radio and many Italian kind of radios.

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 Some of this knobs are original (not copies), in this case you will read "original" under the picture link.

  The knobs wich hasn't the "original" inscription under the picture link are all rebuilt, are copies.


  Phonola radio knobs:


Leva tipo3R           Leva tipo2R           Leva tipo1R             man. tipo1R             man. tipo2                man. tipo3     man. tipo3R


availables   1                      1                             0                    1(reprod.)             1(original)                 3(original)          3(reprod.)     


              man. tipo4        man. tipo5         man. tipo6       man. tipo6R          man. tipo7             man. tipo7R         man. tipo12R


availables 2(originals)     1(original)       1(original)           1 (reprod.)               1(original)                2(repr.)                    2(repr.)         


               man. tipo8   man. tipo8R     man. tipo9R        man. tipo10            man. tipo11            man. tipo13          man. tipo14



availables  1(orig.)             9                      2                   1(original)              1(original)                0(original)               0(original)




Knobs for DUCATI radio:

 Knobs for radio DUCATI RR 3404 (diameter ext. mm 37)

        man. tipo1R           man. tipo2R               man. tipo3R                                                   man. tipo4R                 


availables  1                        1                               3                     rear wiew                               1                             





  IMCA radio Knobs :


                 For Nicoletta and Pangamma model


availables         2 sets




  Radio NORA  K4Wa knobs:

    Knobs for NORA K4Wa        

                     External diameter mm. 30,5 - hole diameter mm. 6

 availables         3




  Telefunken model 40 w and others models :

  Telefunken 40 W radio Knobs                            

                    man. tipo1      man. tipo1R   man. tipo2R      man. tipo3R           man. tipo4            man. tipo4R        man. tipo5R


availables 1(original)               6                   6                       6                     2 (original)                    2                          1



             Leva tipo1R                                   Leva tipo2R                                                   Leva tipo3R


 availables     4                                                            1                                                             1


 Leva tipo 1R may be was builded for Telefunken 9 W and Telefunken 90 W models, but I don't remember well.

 Leva tipo 2R is the one of  Telefunken  Ariosto model, made in Italy around of 1934, this lever is 50 % original and 

 50 % rebuilt.

 Leva tipo 3R is for a Telefunken radio but I don't remember the model.





 Knobs for 1928 Ansaldo Lorenz mod. RIA 44 

        Type 20R

        available N 2 knobs, one with 4,2 mm hole and one with 6,2 mm hole.




Manopole per radio RCA mod. Radiola 44


                                                Manopole per Radiola 44:      


         tipo 34R disponibili: 1                             tipo 35R disponibili: 1

                            cliccare sulle immagini per ingrandire !     click on the picture to enlarge


Manopole per radio RCA mod. Radiola 17 - Radiola 18 - Radiola 60



    cliccare sulle immagini per ingrandire !     click on the picture to enlarge



Manopole per radio Philips 

          Rif. 36                                                               Rif. 37                              Philips 734A              Rif. 38


      Philips 428 e Philips 528                                                                                  Radio Philips 734A

 disponibili:         1 +1                                  0     NON pi disponibile                                        2