Ruma crystal radio ( external coil )

Ruma crystal set

( external coil  )

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First version (with external coil)




1940 / 50

Frequency range

Medium Waves



Tuning system

coil / variable capacitor coupling

Measure of the case

10 cm wide; 5,7 cm tall; 15,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

10 cm wide; 13 cm tall; 15,5 cm deep.


Kg. 0,25    (Kg. 0,45 including the headphones)



This crystal radio is made in Italy.

RUMA was a little factory founded in the 20s from the Romagnoli brothers.

Romagnoli brothers were born in Bologna in the early 1900s.

In the 20s they lived in Faenza (RA) where they were friendly called “Ruma”.

At the end of the 20s Romagnoli brothers moved to Milan where they founded a little firm focused in marketing and production of radio parts.

The firm was named “RUMA” to remember the Faenza friends.

After 1945 RUMA manufactured also a little tube radio which today is very rare.

In the 50s the technology development and the discover of the semiconductors made RUMA  chose between enlarging the firm or standing by.

For this reasons RUMA activity in the radio manufacturing area was stopped.