Ivalek De Luxe crystal radio
Ivalek De Luxe crystal set
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Ivory Electric Ltd.   (45 Grafton Way, London)


Ivalek De Luxe




1950 ?

Frequency range

Medium Waves



Tuning system

coil / variable capacitor coupling

Measure of the case

12 cm wide; 8,8 cm tall; 5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

12 cm wide; 9 cm tall; 6,5 cm deep.


Kg. 0,23    (Kg. 0,45 including the headphones)


Ivalek is made in England.

The cabinet of this radio is similar to the one of tube radio but itís smaller.

This version works with crystal detector, on the bottom there is a hole through which you can see the crystal.

The pointer of the detector is mechanically connected to the little red knob that you can see in the front side of the radio.

Looking through the hole it is possible to place correctly the pointer on the crystal, finding the most favourable condition for a good reception.

I found this radio in his original box.