Radio Roma SAFAR

            ( version with European tubes )


Safar modello Roma

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Frequency range

Medium Waves (510 – 1500 Kc) (590 – 200 m.)


ECH3 – EBL1 – AZ1

Intermediate frequency

470 Kc

Power supply

110 / 125 / 140 / 160 / 220 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

29,9 cm wide; 24,3 cm tall; 18,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

29,9 cm wide; 24,7 cm tall; 20,5 cm deep.


Kg. 5,6


Safar Radio Roma was manufactured in two versions which differs only for the type of tubes used: European tubes, American tubes.

The left knob operates the power switch / volume control and the right knob has two simultaneous functions: tuning and the sensitivity;  the rotation drives the tuning dial pointer and the axial movement activates a switch that lets you choose between local broadcaster and far broadcaster. By pulling the knob toward oneself is selected the lower sensitivity and the radio is set to receive the local broadcasters.

The model published in this page has the European tubes and it’ s not in original conditions, someone modified the circuit inserting an additional tube in the chassis.

This change was carried out with grace and skill, so I preferred to leave the unit in its conditions, without restore it.