Old TV's are my hobby !


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Lee De Forest (1930)





First RAI   broadcast





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Dumont RA 103 D 5


Old TV's

For me TV sets are an old love.

When I was a child sometimes I went with my Father to install antennas on the roofs of the houses and to make some repairs on TV sets. I was fascinated by this appliances which can receive images and sounds from far away, it seemed magic when the images were flashed on the cathode ray tube screen.

Around 1970 I made some little repairs on various TV sets, then my job took me along different paths and there was no more time to enjoy TVís.

Anyway my interest in television didnít fade away, from time to time, when someone gave me an old TV set, I took it and put in my attic.

In the last years with help from the internet I found some other interesting TVís and now I have decided to publish photos of my TV sets to make people see the images of my small collection.


Black & white TV's 

Color TV's


Philips TX400




Philips TX500

Philips X25K121 08 (1968)



 Philips TX1410 U       Philips TX1410 U-48


Philips X25K121 09 (1968)


Philips TX701



Philips TX1420


Aristona AR 65K121 08 


TV Astoria


Philips D25K860 06 (1968)


Galatic UG 4060 projection TV



Philco Predicta

Philips X25K142 05


Elektronika VL-100


Grundig ST3022


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